Why Life and Lemons

Everyone has heard the saying, when life gives you lemons. And whether you make lemonade or lemon bars, everyone is getting at the same thing. It’s not a matter of when life will knock you off your feet, but a matter of when. The shape and speed of each curveball varies from person to person but the intensity with which you fall on your face is life-altering no matter what.

So it is here that I will share my story and let you into the little pockets of my life. I’ve always loved writing and have found it to be quite therapeutic. I think when we can get out of the small space in our heads and speak openly to those around us, we realize that not only are we not alone but that our stories can be powerful vessels of freedom for others.

My freedom hasn’t come yet, I’m still wrestling through the ugly. I have more good days now than bad but I’m working towards something. I know my freedom is on the horizon because it is promised. My God has been faithful before, he’ll be faithful again. So here I am in the muck of it still, inviting you into this journey.

I thought it was important to launch this blog today. Because today marks the one year anniversary that my husband’s affair was revealed. Today was the day he spoke of his choice of the relationship with his mistress over his family and officially shut the door on our marriage. Today was the day I thought my life had ended. But as a prophetic declaration, I am choosing today to be the start of something new and beautiful.

Life has handed me a whole ton of lemons but want to know something funny? I actually love lemons. Whether squeezed in my tea, marinating with chicken, drizzled on zucchini or baked in a cake, I think they’re pretty wonderful. Our world is shaped by the lens in which we view it from and so today I am choosing gratitude for the lemons that life has given me and beginning on a journey of creativity as I better learn how to use them.


4 thoughts on “Why Life and Lemons

  1. I’m not going to lie I was curious as to what happened bc I noticed he was no longer in many of your photos but figured it wasn’t my place to ask as we were never super close. But in any case, I am sorry you have been going through that, I can only imagine how difficult it must be. I see only love and light from the pics of you and the girls but ig tends to show the best of us doesn’t it? I wish you all the best and hope for continued healing for you and the girls.

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